Whelen Engineering Introduces the Orion Series

Whelen Engineering has created a faster, more reliable light source for aircraft landing, strobe and steady tasks. Introducing the Orion Series anti-collusion lights for elimination of external power supplies on aircrafts. The Whelen Engineering company has been able to discover a different way to power lights other than the external powering that most aircrafts often use. The Orion Series is intended to be user friendly for its users such as technicians, engineers, and aircraft operators.

Whelens primary concern is aircraft safety and accident prevention. Outer lighting is a key factor to safety when flying as it shows the position of the aircraft to other aircrafts and or to officials on ground. Primary places that these safety lights are located are on enclosed wingtips, fuselage, wingtip, and vertical fins.

Changing multiple lights on an aircraft can be expensive and time consuming. Many addition tools and factors come into play when changing lights which is where Whelen has been able to revolutionize the manner onto how lights are allocated.

With the introduction of the Orion light series they are incorporating the latest LED technology. These new innovative lights have been manufactured to include everything that the light needs to function without all the external wiring that a wire with an external power supply would require. Not only is the LED lighting user friendly it is also FAA /TSCO-C96A & TSO -C30C compliant and approved. Certified also by RTCA/DO-16oG and ecofriendly.

One of the factors of the light that makes it unique ability of replacing its hard-coated polycarbonate lens which allows it to function at its full potential. Along with its Aerodynamic structure it also surpasses the FAAs requirements for maximum visbility which increases flight safety.

Orion offers a variety of different options such as the 500,600,650, and 650E included in the Orion Series.


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