HAECO Airbus

Doug Rasmussen, president and group director of HAECO Cabin Solutions, a division of HAECO Americas, said

“With Vector, HAECO has developed a true platform-based product, which shares many parts and features between the economy and premium versions of the seat. Adding linefit offerability demonstrates the trust Airbus Group of Industries has placed in HAECO Cabin Solutions to deliver this seat platform to line-fit customers with tighter lead times.”

Rasmussen was talking about HAECO’s newest announcement that their configurable Vector Economy seat models are now available as a linefit option for Airbus A350 customers in their A350 catalog. HAECO’s Vector Economy seat will also be on the A320 family, and the Vector Premium will be on the A320 and A350 XWB families. With many shared parts and features between the Economy and Premium models, Vector markets itself as a customizable and easy to install, maintain, and upgrade product.

This announcement follows HAECO’s FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) C127b authorization for the Vector Premium in March and for the Vector Economy in 2016 and is followed by further announcements from HAECO that they have secured a launch customer for linefit A320 series seating with an unnamed carrier in Asia.

Why is this news?

When it comes to aircraft, every little thing is subject to strict rules and regulations. From the engines to the tray tables on the back of the seat in front of you, every step of the aircraft’s manufacturing needs to be perfect. For companies like Airbus, which is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, the offerability process is long, and can take up to one or two years. The supplier has to be evaluated using a strategic fit analysis to determine if they are a good fit. It’s news because, as Rasmussen says, Airbus’s approval of HAECO’s Vector line shows their trust in HAECO, therefore boosting HAECO’s reliability and standing in the industry.

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Bearing Gearbox

Large reduction gearboxes are made to channel high torque by lowering the high input speed to the wanted output speed. This is the reason gearboxes are commonly used for heavy industry driving conveyors, crushers, mills and pumps. The gears in a gearbox are manufactured with high accuracy. Because of the high accuracy, professional technicians with training experience are required for gear assembly and install the gearboxes. It is common for simple reduction gearboxes to have multiple stages that includes bevel and pinion gears for both drive and input direction changes, along with multiple helical gears with differing ratios to reach the desired output.

The main objective is to have the gearbox function as quietly as possible. To help reach this goal, helical gears are usually used preferably over cross-cut gears to cut down the audible gear mesh noise. Helical gears are a great for power transmission as well as durability and a quiet operation. However, a downside to this design is the angle of the gears. There will always be a resultant axial force that needs attention because of the angle.

When in operation, the gear design will not create axial loads. For the more common helical and bevel pinion gears, the resulting axial needs to be borne by the bearings supporting the gear. The most common choice of bearings is determined by the load carrying capacity and theoretical bearing life. There are several different bearings available. Each has their own unique, load carrying characteristics. It is important for these characteristics to be understood as well as the application load characteristics before installation.

Bearing loads can be solely radial, axial, or a combination of both. Bearings are designed to handle different loads, with most of them holding the ability to accommodate a combination of loads. For example, a ball bearing is designed to support radial loads, but it is also able to accommodate axial loads. This makes a ball bearing a great option for electric motors. Another bearing example is a cylindrical roller bearing, which can eliminate cross location.

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Enerpac Corporation

Enerpac Corporation the leader in high-pressure hydraulics has designed three new series in hydraulic bolting tools which should suit your wind, steam and gas turbine bolting needs! They are durable and user-friendly hydraulic bolt tensioners. Each one has special features and specific use for each model.

The PGT-Series Double deck and a single stage are used to bolt in tight spaces such as wind and gas turbines. The features that are included is the auto-retract piston and over stroke protection. The auto-engage nut rundown also makes it easy to use and resistant to wear and tear.

The FTR-Series Foundation Bolt Tensioners are typically used for bolting wind tower foundations. This tool is very effective with the speed and precision it allows for user-friendly application with an easy single pull. The long stroke model allows for a wide span of motion.

The FTE-Series Foundation Bolt Tensioners comparable to the FTR-Series, which is mainly used to bolt the foundation of a wind tower. However, the FTE- Series is unique because it is also a “universal solution” meaning it can be used for other foundation bolting than the FTR-Series which is particularly meant for wind tower foundation bolting. The FTE works on almost any foundation both standard or narrow. It is also able to fit in narrow access foundations without lowering the load capabilities due to its elliptical geometry.

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Aircraft Seat Fastener

First and business class cabin sections have recently undergone configuration adjustments. This means that changes to the wiring of seats will take tedious amounts of time. HellermannTyton Corporation, a well-known fastener and cable manufacturer and supplier, has created a specific fastening component so that the fitters can be removed, attached and reconnected to the entertainment system cabling in the airplane faster.

The Seat-to-Seat Clip is created from lightweight and heat-stabilized PA66 thermoplastic. The manufacture has permanently anchored the clip to the seat frame and is permanently available in 2 version: one that can be attached with a screw/rivet and another with a push-in arrowhead fastener to be used for hole mounting. Technicians for the Airbus A350 XWB aircraft have the capability to open and close the seat clip by hand. No tools are necessary. Because of this capability, the reconfiguration process is much faster and easier.

While other cable fastening parts cannot be re-used, the Seat-to-Seat Clip is re-usable. Because this is so, there are no remains of cut cable ties (or FOD) that can inhibit the runners in the floor of the cabin. HellermannTyton’s ability for creating plastic parts for use in aircrafts has developed from more than thirty years of expertise in the industry. The aviation industry fasteners created by the company meet the high standards requirements of the industry.

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Trimas, headquartered in Bloomfield, Michigan, is an engineering company that puts its customers before everything else. They value hard work, comradery and a beautifully crafted product. TriMas Aerospace has four different branches that operate underneath it. These separate branches, or companies, focus on fastener sales and engineering procedures. They supply products to personal aircrafts, the military and selected distributors that are stationed sporadically all across the globe. Trimas recently got some outstanding news, Airbus, the world-famous aircraft provider, bestowed the prestigious Supplier Award to Trimas.

The division of Trimas that was given the award was, Monogram Aerospace Fasteners, and they earned the Supply Chain and Quality Improvement award for the entirety of 2017. It is an incredibly prestigious award that companies seek out year after year. The awards ceremony was held in the picturesque city of Toulouse, also known as La Ville Rose, in the South of France.

Airbus broke down the long list of suppliers that they work with on a yearly basis and decided, that out of all the companies, that TriMas had improved the most overall, over the course of 2017. TriMas worked hard to make sure that their systems were running smoothly, and they even managed to up their delivery speed and timeliness. Trimas’s Monogram Aerospace Fastners division, was able to beat out six hundred and fifty other suppliers, based all around the globe.

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NSK Bearings

NSK, established in 1914 in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo and now has offices all over the world, is known for their various bearings products. Quality and accessibility have been at the top of the list for what’s important for NSK for as long as they have been in business and this new addition to their arsenal means that it’s easier for fans of the product to get the information that they need.

Just by downloading an app, products can now be scanned via a QR code that can guarantee a products authenticity, give more information about the product to the user and provides other services that pertain to the product all in one place. Even though the app won’t launch until 2018 the NSK company is already prepping the public with as much information about it as possible.

The reason for the change? To keep up with the constant change of the market and the shift towards a tech heavy industry. More and more companies are seeing the need to incorporate tech into their products. It keeps them relatable and allows the customer to see their product in a new way.

To access all the new information all you will have to do is download the app and scan the code that is clearly marked on the front side of the box that your chip comes in. This new shift towards apps and integration marks a new move forward for an industry that can sometimes be stuck in the past.

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Solar panels

Solar Energy has become the largest growing source of energy to date recorded since the year 2016 at a world-wide level. As stated on Thomasnet.com , the International Energy Agency predicts that within the next five years the solar energy will over power the entire energy source of China and India together.

There are different type of solar panel configurations known as the Linear concentration system, solar power tower and the solar dish/engine system.

Very similar to each other but are differentiated by their position of their panels. The linear concentration is a system is the most commonly seen types of panels often found on roof tops and other primary flat surfaces. This system enhances the heat to a heat receiving pipe.

Solar Power Towers are available and function with much of the same type of operation functionalities. With the tower there are reflecting panels that reflect direct sunlight to a standing absorber that receives all the solar power.

Lastly there is a dish/ engine method of collecting the solar energy. Sharing the same traits this method is a concave up dish that has an absorber in the middle using rods helping it stay in place much like a space satellite.

For all methods it will be required the use of heavy duty fasteners equipment to with stand harsh weather conditions as these panels will require to be out in the open for maximum performance. With the solar panels increasing demand, the demand for fasteners will also increase.

One very significant factor that also requires the use of well composed fasteners are heat cycles. Heat cycles are often known to loosen fasteners over time and can be very dangerous to the operation if not taken care of in time.

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Boeing and Adient are collaborating in a venture called Adient Aerospace to develop and manufacture airplane seats. Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the world, and Adient is an automotive seat manufacturer under Johnson Controls Inc. The deal will be split almost 50-50, with Adient having a 0.01% advantage.

This partnership is probably in response to the increasing demand for aircrafts and more luxurious cabin space, which is a key source of revenue, from airlines. Understandably, Boeing aircraft company wants their commercial planes to be outfitted and delivered as soon as possible to customers. The partnership might also prove lucrative in refurbishing cabins of used airplanes, which often require regular maintenance within a decade.

The seats that the joint venture is planning to produce will be new and retrofitted for Boeing aircrafts as well as other leading airplane manufacturers. The project will be headquartered in Germany, near Frankfurt, with the first customer service center based in Seattle. Engineering teams from each company will be collaborating to address the industry’s need for a larger seating capacity.

The commercial aircraft seating market is expected to grow from $4.5 billion to $6 billion by 2026.

Adient is a young company based in Plymouth, Massachusetts, established in October 2016 from Johnson Controls seat manufacturing division. From the beginning, Adient is the world’s leader in seat manufacturing and accounting for 30% of the global revenue in the sector. In 2017, Adient was awarded by JD Power for their seats in the Kia Cadenza for the mass market midsize/large car category and the Porsche Cayenne for the luxury SUV category.

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European Commission

In 2008, The European Commission and The European aeronautics industry came together to create a public-private partnership, which became the largest European research program called Clean Sky. Their main goal is reducing CO2, gas emission and reduce the noise volume created by aircraft. As stated by EU’s Clean Sky initiative, reducing the load of an aircraft by just 454 kg, can conserve 1% of fuel costs. Due to the price increase for fuel in order to meet emissions goals, aerospace industry manufacturers and their suppliers are searching for a way to cut the weight of aircrafts to conclude significant efficiency.

By funding the research of lightweighting materials to minimize weight, save fuel and decrease carbon emissions, multiple airlines are saving millions on operating values. Avdel NeoSpeed is a flexible, multi-grip blind rivet impeccably adaptable to numerous aerospace fastening applications as a result of the light weight, which in most cases is up to 50% lighter than a coequal breaksterm rivet. Some of the key features and benefits are : a lot less delicate to program alternative forms and three times more substantial hole size acceptable than regular breakstem rivets. Important applications to pin point are : automotive, electronics, domestic appliances, electrical equipment and general light fabrication.

On the other hand, the exclusive splined rivet manufactured by Stanley Engineered Fastening, integrates high power with low weight in order to become most powerful speed riveting system in the world. Moreover, NeoSpeed installation is four times rapider than a normal breakstern rivet and it comes to be more productive after only ten rivets are positioned.

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Simalube Lubricator

I’m sure most of us have had a tricky project where parts weren’t fitting together properly, or things weren’t going as smoothly as we had first planned. Simalube which is a bearing lubricator product that hopes to cure those project woes. Simalube is available in five different sizes, depending on your project, and can be used with lubricating projects that require grease or oil. By using a product like Simalube, you can extend the life of a product that may have worn out quicker or needed work sooner.

Another perk of this product is their predetermined application amount, so you know you’re never over using or under using product. Application is quick and easy and requires little to no effort to fit to onto your project. Simalube is pushed through the apparatus by hydrogen gas and is even applied to your project in the amount that you determined beforehand. Application amount can be adjusted by fitting an Allen wrench into the mechanism to adjust how much product is distributed across the application point.

When using a Simalube product that is filled with oil, Simalube can be used on gears, metal bearings, chains and many more products. You can always count on Simalube to deliver an outstanding product. They are extremely reliable and have a high efficiency rating. Simalube is also known for being extremely environmentally friendly because each tube is able to be refilled with more product as needed. This means less waste in landfills and cheaper prices for you.

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