Applications for Sealing Fasteners

With a myriad of industries relying on fasteners to secure part types and machinery, there are countless types of fasteners available on the market. These include nuts, bolts, screws, and all of their subtypes of specialized designs, such as the focus of this blog: sealing fasteners. Sealing fasteners are unique in their ability to protect contaminants from entering a system. With high-tech properties and reliability across many applications, sealing fasteners are a staple of the military and aerospace sectors, finding use in fuel pumps of jet and rocket engines, satellite equipment, and more. For your better knowledge, we will explore the functions of these specialized fasteners and some examples of typical use.

Sealing fasteners can be any type of fastener, meaning a nut, screw, bolt, or other fastener type may contain the parts needed to perform a sealing function. The working principle of sealing relies on the use of a rubber O-ring part type or other rubber element, typically situated in the groove under the head of a screw or the face of a nut.  When squeezed, this element permanently seals out contaminants. This reliable seal protects against both solids and fluids, keeping applications safe from disinfectants, oil, gas, humidity, dust, moisture, debris, or chemicals. Furthermore, fastener seals also prevent the leakage of toxins out of machinery and devices into the surrounding environment.
The rubber component of sealing fasteners are the key to their fool-proof design. Although other rubber components are occasionally used, an O-ring is typically squeezed to provide a 360 degree hermetic seal. Under the head of a screw or related part, the O-ring sits in a groove so it is surrounded by metal on all sides, prolonging its life under pressure and ensuring it will not crack or break. Both the metals and rubbers used in sealing fasteners vary by intended use. For example, silicone rubber is popular for its ability to withstand temperatures ranging from 62° to 204° C, while a Buna-N compound is better for applications that require petroleum resistance.
Sealing fasteners are beneficial for applications where components must withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme atmospheres and temperatures. For this reason, they are also reliable components for military and aerospace applications. Military-grade sealing screws and O-rings that meet the requirements of the Military Standard Parts MS3212/MS3213/NASM 82496 and are pressure-tested to 1500 psi are available through select manufacturers. Additionally, they are made from corrosion-resistant materials, making them easy to clean. As such, they are often used in medical applications, ranging from laser scopes and surgical robots to kidney dialysis machines. Sealing fasteners also find home in a variety of other high-demand applications, including those with exposure to Arctic temperatures and electricity.
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