Boeing, the highly acclaimed aircraft OEM, has expanded its facility in Helena, Montana by 90,000ft². This expansion has allowed for the production of Boeing’s newest family of 777x twin-aisle aircraft. The 257,000ft² of space supports the installation of new machine tools to produce critical titanium Boeing 777x aircraft parts. Boeing Aviation components for the 777x aircraft are to be produced at the new facility as well. This includes side-of-body chords, and terminal end fittings, parts that connect the wings to the fuselage.

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Boeing, the world’s largest and leading aircraft company and Ruili airline a Chinese low-cost airline closed a deal late last month regarding Boeings infamous 737 max airplane. Ruili agreed to purchase 20 more 737 MAX airplanes to their already large fleet. Each airplane is valued at over two million, a huge sale for the Boeing Aviation Industry. Xie Jinguo, Ruili’s general manger provided a comment on the sale "We are very excited about adding more 737 MAX airplanes to our fleet”. Xie then goes on to say that the 737 MAX has the best efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort than any other airplane. Ruili airline already has 14 Boeing 373 airplanes. These planes fly over twenty-eight routes and have about seventy-six daily departures. Boeing’s senior vice president stated that the company is more than happy to be working with and supporting Ruilis airline. Boeing has been with Ruili since they first started operating, and they have only improved over the last three years. The twenty new planes that Rulil agreed upon will only allow them to succeed by adding more domestic and regional routes in the future.

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On Aerospace Technology, there is an article posted that talks about how ATSG West Leasing is working to convert two of the Boeing 737-400 aircrafts for China’s Okay Airways. The Ireland based subsidiary ATSG West Leasing (ATSG) has these Boeing company aircrafts on lease for around seven years. These planes will hopefully be delivered sometime later in 2017.

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