Extended Facility for 777X Aircraft Production from Boeing Helena

Boeing, the highly acclaimed aircraft OEM, has expanded its facility in Helena, Montana by 90,000ft². This expansion has allowed for the production of Boeing’s newest family of 777x twin-aisle aircraft. The 257,000ft² of space supports the installation of new machine tools to produce critical titanium Boeing 777x aircraft parts. Boeing Aviation components for the 777x aircraft are to be produced at the new facility as well. This includes side-of-body chords, and terminal end fittings, parts that connect the wings to the fuselage.

Boeing vice-president and general manager Kim Smith stated: “Our investment in Boeing Helena is a testament to our incredible, hardworking team members and their ability to deliver on our commitments to the company.”

Smith believes that this investment will allow for the 150 Montana employees to further position themselves as key partners of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Boeing Helena is already involved in the manufacturing of Boeing Aviation components and Boeing Aircraft engine parts, which includes hard metals for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Cathy Burwell, who is the Helena Area Chamber of Commerce president, said: “When people think of Montana, they think ‘Big Sky Country', mountains, agriculture and ranching.” Burwell spoke about Boeing’s spending of almost 12 million dollars with 58 Montana suppliers and vendors, and support of 470 direct and indirect jobs.

Boeing’s 777X aircraft family is aiming to rival its competitors and projected to become more efficient by consuming 12% less fuel as well as reducing operating costs. It will also showcase Boeing Aviation components, like new high-efficiency wings and other improvements.


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