What Are Flange Bearings and Where Are They Used?

Bearings are useful devices for supporting rotating shafts and reducing the friction between moving parts. One major type is flanged bearings which are commonly found in various applications, ranging in use from automotive and industrial machinery to household appliances. In this blog post, we will explore the applications of flange bearings and discuss some of the most common subtypes.

As the name implies, flange bearings are designed with a flange, which is a projecting rim or edge attached to the outer ring of the bearing. This flange allows for easy mounting and positioning of the bearing, and it can be bolted or secured to a flat surface. The flange also provides stability and prevents axial movement of the bearing.
One of the most common types of flange bearings is the insert bearing. Typically used in applications where the shaft is stationary and the bearing needs to be mounted onto a flat surface, they are standard radial bearings that have been adapted to fit into a housing. These bearings are commonly found in conveyor systems, agricultural machinery, and material handling equipment. As a whole, they are easy to install and can accommodate misalignment, making them suitable for applications where shaft alignment may vary.
Another type of flange bearing is the journal bearing, which is commonly found in automotive engines, turbines, and pumps. Journal bearings are used in applications where the shaft is rotating and the bearing needs to support the radial load. With this purpose in mind, they have a cylindrical shape and provide a large contact area between the bearing and the shaft, distributing the load evenly and reducing friction.
Needle roller bearings are also utilized in flange applications. These bearings are designed with cylindrical rollers that are much thinner in diameter compared to other bearing types. Needle roller bearings are commonly found in high-load, low-speed applications, such as automotive transmissions, power tools, and heavy machinery. They provide high radial load capacity and are suitable for limited space applications due to their compact design.
Altogether, flange bearings find extensive application across various industries. In the automotive industry, they are used in wheel hubs, suspension systems, and steering columns. In the industrial machinery sector, flange bearings can be found in conveyor systems, electric motors, and pumps. They are also widely used in household appliances like washing machines, fans, and refrigerators.
When selecting a flange bearing for a specific application, several factors need to be considered. Generally, load capacity, speed, operating temperature, and environment are crucial parameters in determining the suitable bearing type. Additionally, factors such as lubrication requirements, shaft misalignment, and noise levels should also be taken into account.
Overall, flange bearings are an integral part of many mechanical systems, enabling smooth and efficient operations. By understanding their applications and the different subtypes available, engineers and technicians can make informed decisions when it comes to selecting the most suitable flange bearing for their specific needs.
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