The Importance of Roller Bearings in Different Devices

Roller bearings are mechanical components that support connecting and rotating shafts to help with movement and mobilization within machinery. Essentially, thesy are metal elements utilized to reduce friction and are equipped to handle radial, axial, and thrust loads. Moreover, they are found in a wide range of applications from the motor industry to home appliances, making them incredibly versatile devices. As such, there are different types of roller bearings available on the market, some of which we will outline in this blog.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Cylindrical roller bearings are characterized by their cross section, wherein the cage and inner rings of the roller bearing holds numerous micro-cylinders. These roller bearings are designed to enable thermal expansion during the transmission of power to allow for high performance and durability even under harsh conditions. They take advantage of their conveyor-like maneuverability to minimize friction for heavy radial loads. However, a cylindrical roller bearing is considered a radial bearing, meaning that it is designed to withstand forces perpendicular to the access. That being said, they find use in oil pumps, motors, material handling assemblies, wind turbines, transmission systems, agricultural equipment, and countless other applications.
Tapered Roller Bearings
Tapered roller bearings feature an angular design wherein the cylindrical rolling element in their architecture is holding a tapered outer edge, allowing it to handle both radial and axial loads. In fact, the more tapered the component, the higher axial loads it can support. When two tapered roller bearings are used in conjunction, like you would see in vehicle wheels, they have higher durability. These bearing types are available in single, double, and four-row variations, and they can be found in propeller shafts, rolling mills, gearboxes, and more.
Spherical Roller Bearings
Spherical roller bearings are designed with a cross section with rolling components that resemble a cask or barrel. These bearings primarily provide dual-directional thrust and movement versatility due to the fact that their omni-tapered ends enable the rolling components to absorb friction transmission regardless of any misalignment between the inner and outer rings. As they handle any misalignment, they are used in a myriad of mechanical industries, including marine propulsion, construction machinery, food processing machines, and a variety of other sectors.
Needle Roller Bearings
Needle roller bearings are a subtype of cylindrical roller bearings that are designed to handle and maintain higher radial loads. They are composed of a high number of longer and thinner cylinders within the raceway of the bearing that help increase the oil flow, increase the durability, and maintain the ability to handle high radial loads in mechanical functions. Generally, needle roller bearings are used in automobile components, transmission devices, gears, compressors, engines, and many other applications.
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