Neospeed Turns Aircraft to be as Light as a Feather

In 2008, The European Commission and The European aeronautics industry came together to create a public-private partnership, which became the largest European research program called Clean Sky. Their main goal is reducing CO2, gas emission and reduce the noise volume created by aircraft. As stated by EU’s Clean Sky initiative, reducing the load of an aircraft by just 454 kg, can conserve 1% of fuel costs. Due to the price increase for fuel in order to meet emissions goals, aerospace industry manufacturers and their suppliers are searching for a way to cut the weight of aircrafts to conclude significant efficiency.

By funding the research of lightweighting materials to minimize weight, save fuel and decrease carbon emissions, multiple airlines are saving millions on operating values. Avdel NeoSpeed is a flexible, multi-grip blind rivet impeccably adaptable to numerous aerospace fastening applications as a result of the light weight, which in most cases is up to 50% lighter than a coequal breaksterm rivet. Some of the key features and benefits are : a lot less delicate to program alternative forms and three times more substantial hole size acceptable than regular breakstem rivets. Important applications to pin point are : automotive, electronics, domestic appliances, electrical equipment and general light fabrication.

On the other hand, the exclusive splined rivet manufactured by Stanley Engineered Fastening, integrates high power with low weight in order to become most powerful speed riveting system in the world. Moreover, NeoSpeed installation is four times rapider than a normal breakstern rivet and it comes to be more productive after only ten rivets are positioned.


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