American Airlines goes Stress Free with New XL Cabin Bins Integration

American Airlines is one of the nation’s largest airlines to cover air travel in the US. Over years of travel experience American Airlines has begun to capitalize on passenger luggage by implementing newer traits into their flights; for the ultimate passenger experience. A larger more expanded carryon luggage space will be integrated into modified editions of the A321s. The cabin is expected to be the largest cabin modifications contracts that Airbus has ever experienced.

Airbus Groups of Industries agreed for the retrofitting of their A321 model aircrafts and step forth with 202 aircrafts to be modified and newly completed. The changes in bin size have been intended to reduce passenger stress upon boarding by giving them a closer notion to where their bags are all at time. More carryon bags reduce the use of having to check in bags upon arrival and allows for an easy-going on boarding process. Airbus is bringing to the market what is known as the Airbus XL cabin, increasing cabin space by 40 percent for carryon luggage.

The market in the US is to be the larger part of their business based of newly modified Airbus’. Per a statement from Airbus’ Head of Services Mr. Laurent Martinez ,along with Airbus, are very pleased to be able to go forth with this project by stating,

“This is exactly the type of added-value that our services can bring to airlines. This contract is a major step for Airbus into the US services market, and we are grateful to American Airlines for their trust in our expertise.”

With the latest integrations of cabin size Airbus’ Global Services Forecast predicts that this work will expand their company to be worth more over than 180 million US within the next two decades.


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