Releasable Mounting Clip by HellermannTyton Corporation for Aircraft Seats

First and business class cabin sections have recently undergone configuration adjustments. This means that changes to the wiring of seats will take tedious amounts of time. HellermannTyton Corporation, a well-known fastener and cable manufacturer and supplier, has created a specific fastening component so that the fitters can be removed, attached and reconnected to the entertainment system cabling in the airplane faster.

The Seat-to-Seat Clip is created from lightweight and heat-stabilized PA66 thermoplastic. The manufacture has permanently anchored the clip to the seat frame and is permanently available in 2 version: one that can be attached with a screw/rivet and another with a push-in arrowhead fastener to be used for hole mounting. Technicians for the Airbus A350 XWB aircraft have the capability to open and close the seat clip by hand. No tools are necessary. Because of this capability, the reconfiguration process is much faster and easier.

While other cable fastening parts cannot be re-used, the Seat-to-Seat Clip is re-usable. Because this is so, there are no remains of cut cable ties (or FOD) that can inhibit the runners in the floor of the cabin. HellermannTyton’s ability for creating plastic parts for use in aircrafts has developed from more than thirty years of expertise in the industry. The aviation industry fasteners created by the company meet the high standards requirements of the industry.


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