Improved Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners from Enerpac Corporation

Enerpac Corporation the leader in high-pressure hydraulics has designed three new series in hydraulic bolting tools which should suit your wind, steam and gas turbine bolting needs! They are durable and user-friendly hydraulic bolt tensioners. Each one has special features and specific use for each model.

The PGT-Series Double deck and a single stage are used to bolt in tight spaces such as wind and gas turbines. The features that are included is the auto-retract piston and over stroke protection. The auto-engage nut rundown also makes it easy to use and resistant to wear and tear.

The FTR-Series Foundation Bolt Tensioners are typically used for bolting wind tower foundations. This tool is very effective with the speed and precision it allows for user-friendly application with an easy single pull. The long stroke model allows for a wide span of motion.

The FTE-Series Foundation Bolt Tensioners comparable to the FTR-Series, which is mainly used to bolt the foundation of a wind tower. However, the FTE- Series is unique because it is also a “universal solution” meaning it can be used for other foundation bolting than the FTR-Series which is particularly meant for wind tower foundation bolting. The FTE works on almost any foundation both standard or narrow. It is also able to fit in narrow access foundations without lowering the load capabilities due to its elliptical geometry.

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