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NSK, established in 1914 in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo and now has offices all over the world, is known for their various bearings products. Quality and accessibility have been at the top of the list for what’s important for NSK for as long as they have been in business and this new addition to their arsenal means that it’s easier for fans of the product to get the information that they need.

Just by downloading an app, products can now be scanned via a QR code that can guarantee a products authenticity, give more information about the product to the user and provides other services that pertain to the product all in one place. Even though the app won’t launch until 2018 the NSK company is already prepping the public with as much information about it as possible.

The reason for the change? To keep up with the constant change of the market and the shift towards a tech heavy industry. More and more companies are seeing the need to incorporate tech into their products. It keeps them relatable and allows the customer to see their product in a new way.

To access all the new information all you will have to do is download the app and scan the code that is clearly marked on the front side of the box that your chip comes in. This new shift towards apps and integration marks a new move forward for an industry that can sometimes be stuck in the past.


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