Solar Fasteners and its Rise in a Growing Market

Solar Energy has become the largest growing source of energy to date recorded since the year 2016 at a world-wide level. As stated on , the International Energy Agency predicts that within the next five years the solar energy will over power the entire energy source of China and India together.

There are different type of solar panel configurations known as the Linear concentration system, solar power tower and the solar dish/engine system.

Very similar to each other but are differentiated by their position of their panels. The linear concentration is a system is the most commonly seen types of panels often found on roof tops and other primary flat surfaces. This system enhances the heat to a heat receiving pipe.

Solar Power Towers are available and function with much of the same type of operation functionalities. With the tower there are reflecting panels that reflect direct sunlight to a standing absorber that receives all the solar power.

Lastly there is a dish/ engine method of collecting the solar energy. Sharing the same traits this method is a concave up dish that has an absorber in the middle using rods helping it stay in place much like a space satellite.

For all methods it will be required the use of heavy duty fasteners equipment to with stand harsh weather conditions as these panels will require to be out in the open for maximum performance. With the solar panels increasing demand, the demand for fasteners will also increase.

One very significant factor that also requires the use of well composed fasteners are heat cycles. Heat cycles are often known to loosen fasteners over time and can be very dangerous to the operation if not taken care of in time.


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