HAECO’s Vector Approved for Airbus Linefit Catalog

Doug Rasmussen, president and group director of HAECO Cabin Solutions, a division of HAECO Americas, said “With Vector, HAECO has developed a true platform-based product, which shares many parts and features between the economy and premium versions of the seat. Adding linefit offerability demonstrates the trust Airbus Group of Industries has placed in HAECO Cabin Solutions to deliver this seat platform to line-fit customers with tighter lead times.”

Rasmussen was talking about HAECO’s newest announcement that their configurable Vector Economy seat models are now available as a linefit option for Airbus A350 customers in their A350 catalog. HAECO’s Vector Economy seat will also be on the A320 family, and the Vector Premium will be on the A320 and A350 XWB families. With many shared parts and features between the Economy and Premium models, Vector markets itself as a customizable and easy to install, maintain, and upgrade product.

This announcement follows HAECO’s FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) C127b authorization for the Vector Premium in March and for the Vector Economy in 2016 and is followed by further announcements from HAECO that they have secured a launch customer for linefit A320 series seating with an unnamed carrier in Asia.

Why is this news?

When it comes to aircraft, every little thing is subject to strict rules and regulations. From the engines to the tray tables on the back of the seat in front of you, every step of the aircraft’s manufacturing needs to be perfect. For companies like Airbus, which is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, the offerability process is long, and can take up to one or two years. The supplier has to be evaluated using a strategic fit analysis to determine if they are a good fit. It’s news because, as Rasmussen says, Airbus’s approval of HAECO’s Vector line shows their trust in HAECO, therefore boosting HAECO’s reliability and standing in the industry.

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