All About Radial Ball Bearings

Aircraft Bearings are one of the most common types of hardware, with various applications in many industries. One bearing to consider is the radial ball bearing. When choosing radial ball bearings, it’s important to choose the proper shaft and housing fit because this will allow for the optimization of a radial ball bearing’s performance and life. A bearing can perform at its best only when it is fitted correctly on to the shaft and housing. An improperly fitted bearing can be too tight or too loose, which can cause faulty operating conditions and lead to early failure.

There are two types of loads for radial ball bearings ( Radial Bearing assy aviation parts ). The first type of loading, circumferential loading, either occurs between a rotating ring and a stationary load, or between a stationary ring and a rotating load. In these circumstances, forces act to dislodge the ring in proportion to its seating surface and all points on the raceway are subjected to load during a single revolution of the bearing. The second type of loading, point loading, occurs either between a stationary ring and a stationary load or between a rotating ring and a rotating load. In this case, the ring needs to stay static in relation to the direction of the load. And, no force acts to displace the ring relative to its seating surface.

There are three types of fits for radial ball bearings. The first fit is a loose fit which allows for a clearance between the hold and shaft in the coupling. The lower limit size of the hole is greater than the upper limit size of the shaft. The second fit is a transitional fit which allows for both clearance and interference to occur in the coupling. The third fit, a tight fit, allows for some interference between the hole and shaft in the coupling bearing. The upper limit size of the hole is smaller in comparison to the lower limit size of the shaft.

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