L-3 to Provide Taiwan Air Force will Simulated Training

In US Airforce Aviation news, L3 Link Simulation and Training located in Arlington Texas, will be building and delivering the F-16 Peace Phoenix Rising Mission Training Center (MTC) to the Taiwan Air Force. This training center will consist of four networked mission simulators for immersive mission training. This training in Taiwan will include basic piolet, piolet conversion and advanced skills training by Amerex Corporation. Piolets will be using stimulators to practice low level flight, emergency features and most importantly takeoff and landing.

It also includes mission level training which entails identifying and acquiring targets, and delivering a wide range of ordinance. Each stimulator provides a 360-degree view, thanks to L3’s visual display system. Each simulation will include state of the art technologies, including high fidelity immersive solutions. Distributed academic and interactive courseware, simulated joint helmet mounted cueing system and day and night vision goggle training.

The L3 F-16V Peace Phoenix Rising is guaranteed to be cost-effective due to its hardware, a concept that enables the L3 link to give a solution fit to meet Taiwan’s air force requirements. Although L3’s training is simulated it will still produce a better piolet, and even save time! This platform offers training solutions that will keep life-cycle costs to a minimum and brings efficiency and effectiveness to a maximum. L-3 is nothing short of incredible with 38,00 employees worldwide and an annual revenue of over ten billion.

They are a leader in the aviation industry with some specialties in electronic and sensor system used on military, homeland security and commercial platforms. L3 keeps a lead in the aviation industry because they make their customers a number one priority and therefore they make themselves easily adaptable. L3’s innovative strategies are going to make them highly succeed as a company.


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