What is a Blind Bolt Fastener?

A blind bolt is an innovative solution in the world of fasteners, designed to address the challenges of securing materials in areas with limited or no access to the backside of the joint. These fasteners are particularly valuable in construction, automotive, and aerospace industries where traditional fastening methods are either impractical or impossible to use. In this blog, we will cover what a blind bolt fastener is, how it looks, and how it functions to provide insight into its versatile applications and benefits.

A blind bolt, though similar in appearance to a standard bolt, features distinctive elements that enable its unique functionality. Typically, a blind bolt comprises a threaded fastener with a head that can be hexagonal, round, or countersunk, depending on the specific application. What sets a blind bolt apart from standard bolts or rivets is that the shank, or body of the bolt, often houses an expanding sleeve or collar. To install a blind bolt, a pre-drilled hole is first made in the material to be joined, and the sleeve or collar is positioned within this cavity. As the fastener is tightened, the sleeve expands, exerting pressure against the walls of the hole to create a secure and robust connection with a second head formed on the blind side. This design allows the blind bolt to lock into place without requiring access to the opposite side of the joint, making it indispensable in situations where only one side of the material is accessible.

There are various types of blind bolts on the market, a common variant being the structural blind bolt, which is engineered to withstand higher loads and provide greater strength, making it ideal for use in heavy-duty construction and infrastructure projects. Additionally, there are blind bolts that incorporate a sealing element to prevent leaks and ensure airtight or watertight connections, making them perfect for applications in the aerospace and automotive industries. These types, among many others, are each designed to meet specific project requirements and industry standards.

The versatility of blind bolt fasteners makes them suitable for an array of uses across sectors other than aerospace and automotive manufacturing. In the construction industry, for instance, blind bolts are often employed to secure steel frameworks, beams, and columns, ensuring the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure. Moreover, many construction applications take advantage of blind bolts for building exteriors and masonry support systems. Additionally, steel frame assemblies greatly benefit from such fasteners.

Furthermore, blind bolt fasteners are indispensable in the manufacturing and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Their ease of installation and ability to create secure connections in hard-to-reach areas make them a preferred choice for engineers and technicians. Whether it is for repairing a piece of industrial machinery or assembling a complex piece of equipment, blind bolts offer a practical and efficient fastening solution.

In summary, a blind bolt is a specialized threaded fastener designed to provide secure connections in situations where access to the back side of the material is limited or impossible. Its unique design, which allows it to expand and lock into place, sets it apart from traditional fasteners and makes it an invaluable tool in various industries. We invite you to explore our fastener offerings here on Simplified Purchasing, where we regularly go above and beyond industry expectations to guarantee the finest items with each order. Everything we carry can be traced back to a manufacturer that we trust, and a plethora of listings are inspected by our staff or subjected to third-party testing for quality assurance. This being said, once you find any items of interest, we offer an online RFQ service that allows you to easily request custom quotes for your comparisons. We always aim to offer competitive pricing and delivery times when you shop with us, so get in touch with a team member of ours by form, phone, or email to see how we can serve as your dependable part sourcing partner.</


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